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Monday, February 20, 2006


Took a trip to Seattle this weekend and some of you may have heard that Seattle might be warmer than the Inland Northwest in the winter time because they don't really get much snow. Don't believe the lies folks, it was COLD! I mean I'm not stupid, I knew it wouldn't be in the 60's or anything but I thought it'd be a little warmer. I was disappointed.

We still spent most of our time outdoors. We went to the Woodland Park zoo which is one of the few tourist hot spots in Seattle that I had yet to do. It was fun but I recommend not going in February. Lots of the animals were tucked away indoors where you could not see them or you'd only see them through a crack in the door. The only other zoo I've ever been to was Walk In The Wild in Spokane and I believe it no longer exists. I don't remember much from it but in comparison I'd say the Woodland Park Zoo was pretty cool and very inexpensive. The next time I'm in Seattle and it's warmer out I think I'll go again so I can see my giraffes, elephants, and hippos up close.

Two more cool places that I'd recommend visiting is the restaurant Sport located across the street from the Space Needle. Any sports fan would love it. Every booth has it's own flat screen TV with a large selection of sports channels to watch, there is a huge projection TV in the middle of the place and there are large flat screens throughout the restaurant and some regular TV's outside the restaurant. They have good food, you can get a Kobe burger but if you want to add cheese and bacon you're going to be spending about $16 for it. You can order a pack of baseball cards off the menu or request a special sports menu and order sports collectibles. The coolest thing about this restaurant is that my hubby helped program all those fancy TV's.

The same guy who hired my husbands company to program Sport was meeting with my husband for some business and had him meet him at a bowling alley (that he designed) in Tukwila (also home to the South Center Mall that is huge) called ACME Bowling. WOW talk about a high tech bowling alley. They had regular lanes then part way down they turned into black light lanes, and they had projector screens that would come out of the ceiling above the lanes for special events. Then there was a special reservation area of lanes that were all black light, the seating was all nice cushy couches and all the lanes had huge screens playing music videos, there were special conference rooms, pool tables and a pretty fancy eating area and tons of fancy TV's everywhere. We didn't have time to bowl but when we go back and find ourselves wanting something to do I think we'll go to that bowling alley.

I sure do love visiting there but I don't know what I'd do if I had to drive around there ( I lived there for a summer once but only took the bus) it's so crazy and parking is a pain in the butt! Everytime we go I try to talk everyone into parking the car and taking the bus but I always lose and we always pay tons of money for parking.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Adventures in Step Aerobics

My hubby has been going to a step aerobics class (he's been about 4 times) and so yesterday I decided I was going to go with him. I was a little anxious about going. In college I took 3 semesters of kickboxing aerobics and did Tae Bo tapes fairly often, so about a year and a half ago I joined a gym and one day decided to try the kickboxing class, I knew they went pretty fast through stuff but I figured I'd taken tons of kickboxing class, I would be fine. Unlike the gyms at college, this gym had mirrors on every wall and I saw not only how pale I was but how unbelievably uncoordinated I was. I could barley keep up and I looked like an idiot. So this is why I was so anxious to do step aerobics, in addition I'm also kinda klutzy and this involves hopping up and down off of a step.

Just like I thought, I couldn't get this down very well either. Thankfully there was an unusually high amount of new comers last night so I must not have been the only one not getting it because the instructor finally said "I'm going to have to scrap my plan and do something else" we ended up doing a lot of jump roping (without the rope) and some other tedious exercises.

My husband wants me to go back on Thur. but I'm afraid of never being able to get the steps down, I think I need to go buy some Tae Bo tapes and stick to working out at home where I can't see how bad I am. Plus Tae Bo has an added benefit, you get to take your aggressions out by pretending your punching and kicking the crap out of someone you don't like.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fancy Pants Food

My friends were so kind last night to take me out to dinner to celebrate my new job (actually my friend said it wasn't to celebrate the new job is was to celebrate my escape from the witch) Since they just cashed out some stocks they offered to take us to a nice restaurant and my friend and I have always wanted to try Brix.

The first thing I noticed was the menu was pretty small which worried me and then after a quick scan I was worried because I didn't see any food on there that I thought my friend would like. After going back and forth about whether we should stay or not (we didn't want to spend all that money on food that no one would enjoy) my friend and I finally decided we would stay, our poor husbands were relieved thinking the worst was over. Wrong!

So we're looking at the menu and I'm sitting there thinking "Am I the only one that doesn't understand what most of these words mean?" I mean I watch iron chef, they cook with exotic stuff all the time, and I only recognized a few things from iron chef. So my husband has been here several times and he's used to going out to fancy dinners so I started asking him what stuff was and he kept telling me to ignore all the small print and just stick to what the bold print said (steak, chicken, rib, (yes that's just one rib)duck, salmon)

So I said screw it and after the waiter came back for the third time to see if we were ready to order yet, he asked if we had any questions (he must have overheard us) and I decided I didn't care if I embarrassed myself and started asking what all sorts of stuff was. He told me any big words that looked like they might be French, it was more than likely a sauce. So after many questions I was still confused and asked the waiter what he would suggest and he said the baseball cut steak, well he had scoffed at my friend when she asked for her other type of steak to be cooked well done, so I asked "will I get in trouble if I ask for this to be done?" the poor boy looked like he was going to have a heart attack and told me I better have the chicken instead. I said I couldn't because it was made with truffles and I knew that meant mushrooms (yuck) since I watch the iron chef.
So I told him I'll do the steak and to have it the most done that he would suggest (I guess it was medium) Our husbands got snippy with us when we asked them if it would be impolite to ask for steak sauce for me and ranch for my friend. The both shook their heads in embarrassment.

When our bread arrived we were excited and then they put down a plate of oil and vinegar, my friend tried to dip her bread in this and only succeeded in soaking up oil, I tried to stir up with a knife, that didn't do any good, finally I stuck my bread all the way to the bottom and it got some vinegar on it, I thought it was good my friend however wanted to ask for butter but once again was shooshed by the husbands.

The food was good, I ventured out and ate bloody steak, I tasted caviar (yuck, tastes like fish) I had homefries (smashed up red potatoes fried) with crab meat, EXCELLENT! and the best calamari I've ever tasted, yum!
My friend who's a little less adventures wasn't all that impressed so to make up for it we took her to coldstone creamery for dessert. First time there for all of us. Cake batter flavored ice cream and cheesecake flavored ice cream....I was in heaven.

Just a note: My husband says their lunch menu is much less fancy and has stuff like meatloaf and lasagna.

Monday, February 06, 2006

New Job!

Wooo Hooo! I finally got a new job. I finally found a job that I think is worth leaving this one for. It's a company that helps out people so it's going to hopefully be a rewarding job as well. I have to take a slight paycut but I think it's well worth it to not have to be miserable everyday at work.


Blah is how I feel after this weekend. It was a pretty hectic weekend and I feel like I got run over by a truck. I have not had less than 6 people in my house since Friday afternoon and there are still people there. As much as I love then and enjoyed their company, I hope they are gone by the time I go home for lunch all I want to do is sit in peace and quite. My husband called me Friday afternoon and said our friends were in town. I was surprised, I knew they were coming but I didn't think they'd be there already and he said we were going to hang out with them and I asked where they were staying and he said he didn't know and I asked if it was with us and he said he didn't know. So I ran home and cleaned up the house and then finally later that evening when they brought their stuff into our house I knew that they were staying with us which was a concern because another couple coming into town the next day was supposed to stay with us and we have room but not enough beds. Thankfully the other couple brought an air mattress with them. So all I was expecting this weekend was one couple staying one night, I had two couples for 3 nights. Since all these people from out of town were here all these other people in town or the surrounding towns also came over and our Sat. night get together turned into a party and we had 20 people crammed into our house yesterday for superbowl. Don't get me wrong it was a lot of fun but boy am I tired. And yes I did cheat on my diet, A LOT. One day of cheating (Sunday) turned into a whole weekend of cheating and I'm paying for it now my stomach is yelling at me. And to top it all off my alarm didn't go off this morning so I was late for work and only had time to jump in the shower and jump back out and dry my hair (it's a must that I dry it, my office is freezing) So not only do I feel like crap, I look like crap as well. I just hope people don't assume I'm hung over, I'd never go to work hung over but people love to gossip. =)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I made a rule for myself not to post too much about work anymore but this time I just don't care.

My stomach is in knots today. I have something exciting, but nerve racking going on tomorrow morning. But the other reason my stomach is in knots is not a fun one. My assistant boss approached me last night and said that to be fair she better tell me that she's decided that me, her and my mean co-worker are all going to have meeting sometime soon so that the co-worker and I can sit down together and tell each other what we don't like about each other. WHAT!!!! Are you kidding me? Since when does that sound like a good idea! Sure that might work if the other lady was actually mature enough to handle something like that, but she is far from it. My college group of friends and I tried this approach to solving our differences many times and we were girls that actually truely cared about each other and not once did it end on a good note, in fact none of us are even friends with each other anymore!

The problem isn't that her and I just don't mesh personally, this woman is unbelievably rude to just about everyone, it's not just me, I just happen to be the only person that has to deal with her ALL DAY long. Any other sane person who has to sit next to her would feel the same as I do. It should have been a big fat red flag my first couple weeks here when people kept asking me if I was going to quit. On a daily basis people make one comment or another about how they are surprised I can sit next to her all day. So by making me and her sit down with each other and tell each other what we don't like about each other is, I think, the assistants way of passing the problem onto us instead of taking care of it. My other boss once told me that no matter how many times they talk to her about her behavior they are never going to get her to change so he hopes that I would stick it out until she messes up big enough to be fired, and that they were only keeping track of when she made customers mad, and customers are about the only people she is nice to. So here it is several months later and she hasn't changed her attitude one bit!

I told my boss I wasn't so sure about her plan so she told me to think about a solution. I want to put this little meeting off for as long as possible, but if they insist on it I might have to break down and tell them I plan on quiting as soon as I can find a new job. (cross your fingers for tomorrow)

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