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Monday, January 02, 2006

How I spent my New Years Eve...

Well I drew the short end of the stick this year and was designated as the designated driver, I don't mind that much though, I'd rather all my friends have a ride then people risk getting behind the wheel because they only had a "few."

So we headed on over to a friends house and had a good time catching up with people we haven't seen in a while and meeting new people. My husband got out a guitar and sang us some songs, please note my husband cannot play a guitar, nor can he sing, but he was making up some pretty funny songs that had us laughing so that made up for his lack of musical talent. My brother and I both wore our "Idaho" sweatshirts and then we were teased saying we'd called each other up ahead of time to coordinate our outfits, it's pretty fun that my brother and I share friends, party's and get togethers are always interesting with one of us usually telling some embarrassing story about the other. Sometimes people don't realize we're brother and sister until we're talking about something family related and I met my husband through my brother so somehow the story of how we met was being told and one guy stopped and said "wait, that's your sister?" I assume he was talking to my brother, but my husband answered and said "She was, but now she's my wife." My poor husband didn't realize what was said as everyone was cracking up laughing at him.

Well on New Years Eve Wal-Mart just happened to be getting a shipment in of the new xbox's and we had a friend who was waiting in line at Wal-Mart for one and although my husband already has one he wanted to buy another one to re-sell it and one of our friends at the party also wanted one for himself. So our poor friend who spent the day at Wal-Mart being the only one in line until about 10pm was calling us to give us updates on how many people were in line. The plan was if more than 8 people got in line we were leaving the party to go get in line, otherwise we were going at 12:01 (the official time you were allowed to buy one) So we got to stay at the party and do the count down, blow our horns and throw confetti then we jumped in the car and I very carefully drove us to Wal-Mart, not only did I have to watch out for drunks (yes we got behind one who was swerving all over the place) but I had to watch out for fireworks zipping across the road right past my car. So me and the drunks entered Wal-Mart and the drunks proceeded to blow their horns and shout out happy new years to everyone we walked by. All who wanted an xbox got one, and just in time, there were only two left when we got there. Then it was back to the party where our poor friend who'd been in line all day finally got to relax and celebrate.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

Sounds like a purrfectly wonderful New Years Eve. Mine mom was in bed by 10:00, can you believe that? She says that is what happens when you get old!!

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Bre said...

Did you guys break out the cat nip after she went to bed?

At 5:58 PM, Blogger stebbijo said...

Sounds like fun -- glad you all got your xboxes.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

My IDAHO sweatshirt is one of my most vauable possessions! And I only wear it on really important occasions. Hey, is yours black?

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Bre said...

Mine is black, hooded with gold lettering outlined in white. I have another one as well, grey, no hood, but the other is better.

I actually lost my sweatshirt shortly after I bought it and I just found it a few months ago at my moms house!


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