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Monday, December 05, 2005


So I auditioned for a commercial this weekend. It was my very first audition ever. I saw the criteria for the audition and most of it was voice over narration, which I thought I could do great at since I've been a "reporter" for my colleges campus radio and TV stations and this type of commercial is very similar to what reporters do.
So I called up the hubby and told him we had an audition to go to on Sunday and he said "sorry babe, I'm leaving for a business trip on Sunday I can't go."
Uh oh, I'm a big scaredy cat and was afraid to go by myself. I memorized the script, practiced it in front of the mirror and imagined myself on a stage saying it in front of a huge crowd ( I wasn't sure how the audition would be set up so I imagined the scariest scenario) Then Sunday came and I ho-hummed all day about whether I would go or not. I was leaning more towards chickening out and finally I got up, got myself together and just went. When I got there, there was only one guy in front of me and he walked into the audition just as I arrived, so I was going next, no time to practice more, no time to get more nervous, no time to back out, or to even calm down.
I didn't nail it the way I'd practiced it. But I still think I did pretty darn good, of course I didn't see how anyone else did so I have no one to compare myself to, but I'm proud of myself for going and I'm proud of the job I did, (I just didn't make my smile big enough so it probably didn't give the amount of enthusiasm that I wanted, the second take I had the enthusiasm and the smile but I messed up the last word, doh!)
The company that is making these commercials keeps this audition reel on file and they will pick people from this through out the year to do their commercials, so it may be a while before I get a spot, if I get one at all. But don't worry if I get one, I'll definitely be posting the good news.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

bre! omigosh! This is fabulous! YOU ROCK!

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Bre said...

Thanks Jbelle, I'm trying not get too excited about it in case I don't get to do anything, but man, if I could even just get a part as an extra with no speaking parts, I could get $100 bucks.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger PDXPup said...

I know DFO hates long posts, but I forgot I still had SNL from this weekend TiVoed, and I know you wanted that transcript, so here it is from where it picks up at the Holiday riffing:

Harry Connick, Jr: I tell you this is my favorite place to be at Christmas time.
Al Roker: Uh, you mean "Holiday Time" don't you, Harry?
HCJ: Oops! That's right...Merry Holiday everybody! (waves to camera)
You know some people enjoy Christmas songs, Hannukah songs, or even Kwanzaa songs; but everyone can enjoy Holiday songs!
AR: So, in the spirit of diversity and fear, please welcome the NBC Peacock singers for an all-inclusive medley for everyone!

(Cut to NBC Peacock singers, as the words "Silent Night" flash on the screen)
"Silent Night, Regular Night
All is Calm, All is Bright.
Round the fire, mother and child,
Random Infant, religiously neutral.
Sleep in Comfortable Beds,
Sleep in Comfortable Beds.
(new tune sung to Away in the Manger)
Away in a Barnbox,
No bib for their lunch,
The donkey and camel
on straw they will munch.
The stars in the sky
shine down cause it's night.
The lamb and that donkey
just got in a fight.
(new tune sung to Oh, Holy Night; Harry Connick, Jr. and Megan Mullaly join the Peacock Singers)
MM: Oh Tuesday Night,
The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night to watch TV and play Cards.
HCJ: Fall on your knees,
and do a Jigsaw puzzle.
Just stay in side,
It's half past nine.
MM: Just stay inside,
Feelin' Fine.
And now to narrate the story of the birth of the holiday, please welcome Mr. Donald Trump...
(cut to Donald Trump, flashing dual peace signs in front of the Rockefeller Center Chris, er Holiday Tree and Ice Skating Rink)

Donald Trump: Thank you Will and Grace. This place is really snazzed up. I gotta say, of the non-Trump buildings in New York, this place has a whole lotta flash, and it really screams out Merry Christmas...(looks off-camera) What? I can't say Christmas? Who made that rule? Well, what about Cha-noo-kah-hah? I can't say that? What about Kwan-zoo? That's just great...Alright, let's crank this thing out.
And there were shepards keeping watch over their flocks by night; then a civil representative of the town came up to them and said "Here's the thing: a baby has been born to a lady of undetermined ethnicity and/or religious affiliation. You will find he or she is wrapped in clothes looking really classy and lying in a barnbox...(looks off-camera again) What the hell is a barn-box? (looks back at the camera) You know what? The End. Fah-lah fah-lah fah-lah, Fah-la la la THE APPRENTICE.
(cut back to the NBC Peacock Singers, and Al Roker, Megan Mullaly, and Harry Connick, Jr. standing in front of them waving)
All: Happy Holidays Everyone!
(singing tune of "Hallelujah!"
How Ya Doin'!
How Ya Doin'!
How Ya Doin'! How Ya' Doin'!
I'm Doin' Just Fine!


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Bre said...

Pup you are sooooo awesome!!!!!
I had Tivo'ed it too, but I deleted it right after I watched it, not thinking that I'd want it for later.

Thank you!

At 9:35 AM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

I can't believe I missed that. No wonder you wanted the transcript. OMG!


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