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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Attack of the Cookies!!

I work in an office where we've got lots of other company's we do business with. Well in the month of December we recieve tons of treats from all these company's and they bring us plate after plate full of cookies and sweets! I try to put them in the break room so they are out of sight out of mind, but the other lady keeps bringing them back up to the front. Can't someone please just bring us in a fruit tray, meat and cheese tray, something of some nutritional value? We did have a company bring us a specialty bread basket, it was delicious but I'm sure it was full of sugar! I feel my butt growing as I write this...

I also recieve lots of gifts from the many people that work here and I appreciate every gift I get, but sometimes it's stuff that I just won't use, so today a lady who is an assistant in my office was telling me how money was tight this year and so far no presents under the tree and she was only going to be able to afford a small present for her 15 year old daughter. I ran straight home at lunch and gathered all my unused gifts and brought them back to her. Unfortunatly most of the gifts were some kind of fragrant product and her daughter is asthmatic and allergic to them, some were coffee products, which the lady doesn't like her daughter to have, and the other were sweets or gift certificates to places that are sweets....the daughter doesnt' like sweets! I tried to help but it didnt' really work out. Good thing this lady has raised her daughter to be a wonderful human being who is very mature and selfless and all she asked for Christmas was a dontation to a charity. This girls got great things in store for her in her life and she will be rewarded for having such a kind heart, one that she has all year long that I get the joy of hearing stories about from her mom.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Bay Views said...

Gorge yourself, darlin'. You can make New Year resolutions and take your punishment after the new year.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger stebbijo said...

Seems like I am hearing way too many stories concerning tight budgets at Christmas. Must be normal.Probably the only time of year where it really is noticed. I am going to go make no fail fudge and eat it all. Kick Shoe Kooy recommends it as Christmas therapy.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Bre said...

That sounds like a great thearpy.


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