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Friday, December 16, 2005

ABC's of Me

I've been trying to think of something to write about for a few days but couldn't come up with anything, so I had to copy Idaho Native
  • Idaho Native
  • And
  • OrangeFrog76
  • Thanks for the inspiration guys. =)

    Age: 25
    Best friend in high school: J and O
    Chore(s) you hate: Folding Laundry
    Dumbest thing you've done: Not enough room on the page
    Essential start of your day item: Pepsi One
    Favorite color(s): Blue, Pink & Red depending on my mood.
    Gold or silver: Silver
    Height: 5'8"
    Instruments you play: I used to be able to play violen and clarinet and a didgereedoo.
    Job title: Advertising/Receptionist (booo!)
    Kids: Not yet (boooo!)
    Living arrangements: Hubby and my little pooch
    Music: Mostly hip hop and pop, or 80's/90's cheese music
    Never: Talk with your mouth full.
    Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Never
    Phobia: Spiders and dark open water kind of freaks me out.
    Quote: "Whadda you wanna us to do? Kill Mufasa?"
    Right or left handed: Right
    Siblings: 1 Brother, 2 Stepbrothers, 1 Stepsister
    Time you woke up today: 7 am (Booo!)
    Unique habit: Sleep with a fan on, is that really unique?
    Vegetable you hate: Squash! Bleck!
    Worst habit: Picking at my nails
    X-rays you've had: My Teeth
    Your most valuable gift/possesion: Family and Friends (my gift not a possesion.)
    Zero to 100 (favorite number): Sorry don't have one


    At 8:40 AM, Blogger stebbijo said...

    I saw this on Idaho Native as well. It is cute -- I might do it too.

    At 11:45 AM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

    omigosh!!! That is the quote of the CENTURY! You are killing me! (whaddya wanna do? Kill Mufasa?!) (mind if I borrow that?) (::) (dying laughing still)

    At 11:48 AM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

    That is going to be the theme of this year's tax season, something I use to motivate and inspire the people who work in our office: Whaddya want me to? Kil Mufasa?!

    We are going to have the best time yet. Brea, you are the very best and a gift to me. Who knew I had this in store this time last year?

    At 9:55 PM, Blogger Bre said...

    Jbelle do you know where that quote is from? The Lion King. I love that movie! I don't know if you're familar with the line in the movie but they way the hyena says it has always cracked me up.

    At 10:24 PM, Blogger jb3ll3 said...

    Bre, I have seen the movie and seen the play on Broadway several times. And I recognized it immediately. And it's hysterical in botht the play and the movie. But I never thought about it outside the context of The Lion King but it's seriously funny. Whaddya want us to do? Kill Mufasa?! (lapsing into laughter again!)

    At 5:22 PM, Blogger stebbijo said...

    Hey Bre --

    I will try to clarify the post later on HBO -- just wanted to get it out there.

    I sent an email to the House and Senate committee here in Idaho -- of the Health and Welfare.

    Michelle Britton is the Region I director heard about it and RECALLED my PUBLIC email saying it was against the law to read it.


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