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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Day After Thanksgiving

I think the day after Thanksgiving is going to be an official holiday pretty soon. Don't know if it will be called "The Day After thanksgiving" or "The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year" or what. I think pretty much everyone except those that work in retail get the day after off anyways. So all this talk about the big day reminds me of the year that I worked in the photo lab at Wal-Mart down in Moscow.

We were told that since we were in the photo lab we were going to have to help out other departments and let people pay for their purchases at our counter. Well we were all standing around anxiously awaiting the opening of the store. It was dead quite in the store, we photo labers looked over at the electronics boys who were nervously pacing back and forth. Those boys were the big target. That was the year of one of the new game stations (Playstation 2, I believe) We only had 16 in, plus other things such as TV's and DVD players at rock bottom prices were going to be a big thing.

Suddenly I heard this low rumbling rattling sound and the sound kept growing louder and louder and I saw one shopper come flying around the corner with their cart and just as I was thinking that sound was too loud to have been one shopper, a swarm of shoppers followed suit and flew around the corner, two carts crashing into one another and causing a traffic jam. As soon as the jam broke up and everyone made it over to electronics I watched as the boys in electronics were swallowed up by the crowd. There was a line forming at the electronics counter and no electronics guys to be found, a fellow photo laber and I rushed over there to man the registers and we didn't see the photo again until several hours later, the electronic boys finally emerged from the depths of the electronic department several hours later, hair tussled, looking like they'd been run over by a truck. Their department was wiped out.

It's not entirely true that I didn't see a one of them that entire time, I would see them as they were trying to maneuver giant TV's through the swarms and knocking displays over in the process.

What an experience that was. It actually ended up being kind of fun, instead of being frustrated with how stupid people were acting (like a normal day at Wal-Mart) we just laughed at them, I'd been on the shopping end of the crazy rush before but never on the retail end.

So remember when you brave the crowds this year, make sure to be nice to the employees and give them a thank you.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stupid Dad Alert

I was in the Costco parking lot today walking back to my car and this family was also walking and the dad was pushing the cart with a little guy in the cart seat and then he told two other kids to hold on to the cart, one on the front, one on the side. Then he runs and down the aisle (outside in the parking lot) and him and the kids are speeding along in the cart.

How stupid can you get racing around with three small kids on an unstable grocery cart in the busiest parking lot in town! Busy parking lots, mixed with discount prices equals crazy shoppers that forget how to drive! They are so anxious to find a parking spot close the the door they are racing around trying to beat other cars to the spots, or they are so anxious to get the hell outta there that they are trying to spend out of their parking space. I see near misses in parking lots all the time because people aren't' paying attention or other cars are driving way too fast for a parking lot. When I back out I try to go slow so I don't ram another car but I'm not expecting a shopping cart to fly by with three kids and an adult attached to it, or when I turn the corner I don't want to be facing that head on either!

Thankfully there were no near misses with them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Could you get any cuter than this?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time to Vote!

I'm going to vote today. This will be my first time voting in a non-presidential election. I usually don't vote because I know nothing about the issues so I'd have no idea who I was voting for. But this time is different. This time I visit Huckleberries online and many people there including some of the candidates running, often talk about the elections and the issues with the elections and I've gotten a feel for some of the candidates and then I went and researched the other cadidates and I actually feel like my vote should count now because I'm informed this time around.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Kevin Federline (Britney Spears Hubby) Song Lyrics

Ladies and Gents, Kevin Federline or K-Fed in the tabloids is now an aspiring rapper and some of his song lyrics have leaked out on the internet.

All I can say is "Wow"

"Back then they called me K. Fed/ But you can call me daddy instead ... Go ahead and say whatcha wanna/I'm gonna sell about 2 mil, oh, then I'm a goner ... I know y'all wish you was in my position/Cause I keep gettin' in situations that you wish you was in, cousin/ I'm not your brother, not your uncle, I'm daddy, dude."

"Steppin' in this game and y'all ain't got a clue/My prediction is that y'all gonna hate me and this style we create, straight 2008/But I know that you really can't wait, cuz people are always asking me when's the release date/Well maybe baby you can wait and see and until then all these Pavarottis followin' me/Getting anxious? Go take a peek/ I'm starrin' in your magazines now every day of the week ..."

If you would like to read the full article courtesy of MSN gossip section

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