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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Well I got all dressed up on Saturday night and headed out to the bars for some Halloween costume contests. I was dressed up as Medusa and I'd made myself a head piece full of gold snakes, well it was my turn to get up on stage and no one was cheering for me, not even my friends and my husband (they all claim to have been not paying attention or didn't realize I was on stage) and to top it off there was this girl by the edge of the stage and she was ferociously booing me. I'm not sure why I was being booed by this girl, but it made me feel bad. I did however have some individual admirers who told me so through out my time there so that made me feel a little better. My husband and one of our friends went as The ambiguously Gay Duo, a cartoon sketch from Mad TV and they won 3rd place and they each got a $40 gift certificate instead of having to split $40 between the two so that was awesome.

The second bar was better, they had three categories, funniest, sexiest and scariest and I didn't really think I fit into any , I wasn't scary or sexy enough but I tried for sexiest anyway and thankfully got some cheers this time, and one gentlemen was very angry at the judge for not knowing who I was, the judge called me crazy hair lady, and the guy shouted out "it's Medusa you bleepity bleep!"

I, nor any of my friends won any of those contests but it was still fun.

Today I am dressed as a chick from the 80's. I had to go a little more conservative for work. And I thought I was pulling off the 80's look pretty well, but I had two inquires as to if I was a gypsy, 2 asking if I was a hippie, one pirate, a Britney Spears, a person from the 70's and a Cindy Lauper, and then one guy said I looked like the girls from the movie 13 Going on 30. The last two were the only ones to get it right ( I wasn't specifically trying to be Cindy Lauper but good enough) It figures, the two that made those guesses are only 4 years older than me. So the 80's were prime time for them.

I've also been told by two people that I seriously should wear my hair this way on a regular basis (crimped and pulled into a half pony tail on top of my head and fluffed out) and one lady though I should dress this way (TONS of funky jewelry, ripped jeans, pink and teal make-up) I think a few people at my work fell out of the crazy tree.

I have pictures of the medusa costume and I'm going to stop by my moms and have her take a picture of the 80's costume and I'll be posting them hopefully in the next couple of days.

Everyone have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vrooom Vroooomm!!!

I bought a new car the other night. Actually I didn't buy it I'm going to be leasing it. This is the first time I've tried the leasing thing, I am putting faith into my husband that this is actually a good idea.

Having a brand spanking new car is soooo nice and there are so many cool features and gadgets that I have yet to explore and discover, but I feel guilty! I feel weird that I've got a brand new car. I don't need one. The only reason I was going to get a different car was because mine was a two door and I needed a four door for when I have kids. I would have been fine with another $8,000 car and the small payments per month. But the hubby insisted we get a new one so we didn't' have to worry about anything breaking down for a long time and the only way to afford a new one is to lease it. So that's what we're doing.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine, our payments didn't go up that much and we're not in over our head, I'm just locked into a car for 4 years and better take GOOD care of it. =)

I think the poor salesman almost had a heart attack when he saw what a mess my old car was. I definitely need to keep in the frame of mind that I am basically renting this car.

Soooo why am I writing in purple today? Because this is almost the color of my car!!! I would describe it as metallic lilac. That hubby of mine is a smart man, he went to the dealership before I got off work and then picked out a car for me and he knew I would go for it as soon as I saw that the car was cute and purple! It was very hard for me to focus on anything else after that. I really had to concentrate to see if I actually liked everything else about the car and make sure I wasn't going to go way overboard on the price. All I could think about was how cool the car looked!

But I love it, tons of safety features that would have certainly helped me out in the past with my clunker junker cars, too bad I probably won't even have to use the cool stuff included.

Ok, this is turning into a very long jumbled post about nothing.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Pumpkin Carving Contest

So my friends and I had a pumpkin carving contest on Saturday. It was great fun. We all went to the store and picked out our pumpkins and ordered several Papa Murphy's piazza's and then headed back to the pumpkin carving headquarters to start the contest.

We discovered that we can squish ten people (two of them pregnant, full term) and two tables into my friends dining area. My friend had laid down some plastic on the floor before we started and her husband asked "why are you putting plastic down? We won't get anything on the floor." to which I replied, "Well since our earlier croquet tournament turned into an apple and grape bashing contest, I think we have a problem with throwing fruit at each other, so I'm going to say that pumpkin guts end up on the floor." Not 5 minutes into our carving contest, my friends husband (the same one who'd questioned the plastic) hucked a chunk of pumpkin at my husbands head. Through out the contest several people were trying in some way or another to sneak pumpkin guts onto someone else, needless to say, pumpkin guts ended up not only all over everyone, but on the floor as well.

So when we were all done carving my friends parents came over to judge the contest. We had 10 different prizes that my hubby and I picked out. (super sweet prizes from Wal-marts toy aisle) and 10 categories that way everyone wins. Actually we only had 9 prizes because my hubby miscounted, so I had to forfeit my prize. I won Best Freehand. (there was also a best stencil category) Which I'm very proud of, but everyone already knew I'd win it, I'm the "artist" of the bunch, so the victory wasn't that sweet, but still cool.

Afterwards we were all sitting in the living room chatting away and my friends dog came and sat in my lap and all of the sudden I felt something warm and looked down and the dog was peeing on me! I yelled out "Roxy is peeing on me!" and everyone looked and laughed and when the dog got off my lap, several people whipped out their cameras and took a picture. The dog had peed in the perfect spot to make it look as if I'd peed my own pants.

I love get togethers with friends. Some other "adults" may find our antics immature, but it's good clean fun and I love it!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Michael Jackson Called For Jury Duty

So the big MJ got called for jury duty. Now we all know he's going to get out of it. Supposedly he isn't even a resident of the US anymore. But can you just imagine if he were on the jury panel. Think of the thoughts going through the attorneys heads. Is the rest of the panel MJ supporters or are they MJ haters? If they support MJ then heck yes we want MJ on the panel, he could easily influence them to vote our way! But what if they all think he's a sick pervert, quick, get him out of there.

When I went in for jury duty they kept asking if anyone had ever been involved in a court case before, MJ would have to be raising his hand for every question and give explanations. Can you just imagine sitting next to MJ on the jury panel and trying to keep a straight face?

Ahhh...but alas, it will never happen. So sad. Too bad.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good News, Bad News

Well the bad news is the attorney's for Joseph Duncan won their battle over getting copies of the child pornography tapes he made of his victims, Dylan and Shasta Groene. Why? Why would anyone want to have copies made? Why would anyone let copies be made? Can't the attorney's from both sides just share the evil things and view them under the watchful eye of a security guard? (well I wouldn't force the guard to watch, just make sure they aren't stealing the tapes or making copies or tampering with them.) With all the sick people in the world making even just one copy is too risky in my opinion. You don't want that disgusting material getting leaked anywhere. After the case they better burn those tapes.

For the good news side, I hear the University of Idaho has overturned it's decision to dissolve the College of Art and Architecture. I was so mad when they made the decision to dissolve it. The only thing good about that whole thing is they got rid of a certain teacher who I lay partial blame in for my failing of my ceramics II class. Yes it was mainly my fault but this guy was unreachable to talk to about my options for passing the class and when I finally did track him down (when he finally showed up to class) he said he'd received all my emails, my voicemails, and my handwritten notes I'd left him. WHAT? and you never responded? Jerk. There were many other reasons this guy was not at all beneficial to the art department. But moving on, I love art and so many other people out there do to. For some people it's a way of life, it touches their souls, it's a stress relief program. Art is so good for so many people yet it seems Art and music are always the first things to be cut (not music at U of I though...) I know that not everyone enjoys art and feels the same way I do about it but I think that there is an equal amount of people who support and enjoy the arts as there are supporters of Athletics. Unfortunately the arts don't bring in the money that the athletics do and that's probably why it is always the first to go. There is a huge amount of art lovers at the U of I and I'm glad to hear they get their college back.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Blog Monster

Phew, that darn blog monster came in and ate up my blog. So I'm going to try out pink for a while. If it gets to be too obnoxious I saw a more toned down pink template that I might have to replace it with.

I had the lovely job of staining my fence this weekend, it took me almost 3 hours to do one side of the fence! So the next day I bought a sprayer, so much faster and less painful. Although it still is a little painful, towards the end my hand was so tired from the sprayer vibrating so much I kept loosening my grip on the darn thing.

We're still not done, I didn't want to finish the last side from inside our yard, because we'd be spraying in the direction of our neighbors house and it's pretty close to the fence and although I dont' think the spray traveled through the cracks in the fence I'm afraid the wind would carry it over the fence or something. So I have to figure out a way to do it, other than doing it by hand, maybe either my husband or I should go on the other side of the fence and hold up a tarp or something while the other sprays. Oh well I'll eventually figure it out, hopefully before it's too late to finish it.

Our other staining delema is that we bought untreated wood so it needs to be stained to protect it from the weather and I chose a dark red stain and we planned on staining the two sides that face into our neighbors yards , one neighbor is still under construction and they haven't moved in and the other neighbor has, and I feel it's our duty to put some sort of protectant on it since we bought the wood untreated and we didn't wait for our neighbors to move in to discuss a fence (we have a dog and wanted a fence up right away) but I don't know if they'll like the dark red, I can ask the one neighbor but I don't know about the other nieghbor it looks like their house is a long way from being done so who knows when they'll move it.

So this is probably the most boring post in the history of blogs, but it's all that I could think of to write, maybe if I'd gone into less detail...?

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